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Crowhurst Traffic Working Party

Working Parties are groups of people who have been asked by the Parish Council explore issues on a particular subject and report back to the Parish Council with recommendations for action or consideration. There is usually at least one Councillor on a working party but this does not have to be the case. Working Parties are not representatives of the Parish Council and have no decision making powers. 

This working Party was formed on 15th June 2015 to review issues on traffic and road safety in Crowhurst. It is led by Cllr Martin White and will review issues around Traffic and Road safety in Crowhurst. The Constitution of the working party is defined in its terms of reference. Any findings or recommendations of this group will be brought to the Council by Cllr White.

Meeting Minutes

Working Party report to Council 16 Nov 2015 word icon Traffic WP report 16th Nov 2015 [13kb]

Working party meeting notes 16th June 2015    word icon Traffic Working Party Meeting Notes 16 June 2015 [13kb]

Terms of reference

Terms of reference adopted at the July 13th 2015 PC Meeting

word icon Term of Reference Traffic Working Party [41kb]