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Councillor's details and Members Register of Interests.

Crowhurst Parish Council was established by statute in 1894 and has 7 elected councillors who meet on the third Monday of every month except August.  Council has Quality Parish status, has a part-time clerk and produces a quarterly newsletter.

There is one Rother District Councillor for Crowhurst, Cllr Gary Curtis, and one East Sussex County Councillor, Cllr Kathryn Field.

Parish Council Contact details

word icon Councillors Contact Details 2019/20 [39kb] 

  • Rosalyn Day

    Councillor Rosalyn Day was elected to the Council in May 2015 and again in 2019. Ros served as as Vice Chair from June 2018 and was elected as Chair in May 2019. Ros is also the Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. Ros has lead responsibility for Leisure and Recreation, Strategic Planning , Planning Applications & Communications.

  • Sonia Plato

    Councillor Plato's areas of responsibility are Children & Young People, Community Facilities and Communication. She is also a member of the Neighbourhood Planning Group.

  • Alan Stainsby

    Councillor Stainsby was re elected in May 2019 and has lead responsibility for Community Safety. Alan also represents Crowhurst Parish Council at Rother Area Council meetings and represents Crowhurst Parish Council as a Director or the Combe Valley Countryside Park.

  • Martin White

    Councillor Martin White was elected re elected in May 2019. His area of responsibility is Transport and he is a member of the Neighbourhood Planning Team. Cllr White resigned from the Council in August 2019

  • Hilary Langdon

    Hilary Langdon was elected as a Councilor in May 2019 after serving as a Co-Opted member from November 2016. Hilary is the Vice Chair of the Council and has responsibility for Health in the community.