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Recreation Ground Advisory Group

The Recreation Ground is situated in the centre of the village, conveniently near The Plough Inn, and contains a Pavilion and Children's Playground. It is used regularly by the Crowhurst Cricket Club, Football Club, Junior Football Club, Stoolball Club and the Tennis Club as well as being the venue for the annual Village Fayre. The Playground, which was completely refurbished in 2009, is a popular venue for children in and around Crowhurst up to the age of 12 years. The Recreation Ground Committee was disbanded at the Parish Council meeting on 18 November 2013. A Recreation Ground Management Advisory Group was set up in February 2015. This group is not a representative of the Parish Council and has no decision making powers.

The advisory group meets as needed with one representative of each of the user recreation ground user groups. It is informally chaired by the Councillor appointed to the group which is currently Tracy Hoad. The purpose of the group is to consider the use and maintenance of the recreation ground and to advise the Council of any works needed. The constitution of the group is defined in its terms of reference.

Meeting Notes

word icon Rec Group Meeting Notes Feb 2017 [67kb]

word icon Rec Group Meeeting Notes August 2016 [72kb]

word icon App 9.2 Rec Group Meeting 11 Jan 2016 [75kb]

word icon Rec Group Meeting Notes 29th July 2015 [60kb]

word icon Rec Ground Grp Meeting Notes 18th March 2015 [48kb]


Group Terms of Reference

word icon Term of Reference Rec Group [27kb]