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Crowhurst Village Hall Project Committee

This Committee was set up in September 2011 to manage all matters relating to consultations, location, purchase of land, grant applications, design and building of a new village hall.

The Committee consists of at least 2 parish councillors and representatives from the Parish who may be asked to be involved. Meetings are held as needed and are treated as formal Council meetings with Agendas and Minutes , all of which are published on our Village Notice board and on our Web site.

Agenda for the next meeting. 

Its was agreed at the meeting in March 2016 to delegate responsibility for the strategic planning of a new hall to the Neighbourhood Plan Group which will be considering Community Facilities in a broader context and will include the requirement for a new hall with this remit. The outcome of the Neighbourhood Plan will determine the next agenda for the Village Hall Project Committee.

Below are the minutes of the Village Hall Project Committee meetings, and the Committee Terms of Reference.

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word icon VHPC Minutes March 2016 [51kb]

word icon VHPC Minutes March 2015 [113kb]

word icon VHPC Minutes Jan 2015 [109kb]

word icon VHPC Minutes January 2014 [113kb]

word icon VHPC Minutes of 23 April 2012 [111kb]

word icon VHPC Minutes for November 2011 [108kb]

word icon VHPC Minutes for October 2011 [108kb]

word icon VHPC Minutes for September 2011 [107kb]

Terms of Reference

word icon Village Hall Project Committee Terms of Reference [33kb]