Council meets in November each year to consider the budget for the following year. Accounts are published in the Local Council Annual Return on a Receipts and Payments basis and are also reported to Council on an Income and Expenditure basis.

In early November Council meet to set the budget for the coming year.  This is arrived at by examining each budget item with great care, analysing and adjusting as necessary before setting the budget for the following year. This process takes into account the Parish Action Plan, inflationary increases and any known or anticipated expenditure.

The budgeted income and expenditure for the year plus any required increase or decrease in reserves needed to cover expenditure on future projects forms the level of the Annual Precept. The Precept is part of your Council Tax and can be found on your householders Council Tax bill.

Our Accounts show you the level of the Precept for the year plus any other income and how we have spent that money or retained it in reserve for future projects.


Accounts and Annual Return




The unaudited accounts for 2016-17 will be available for inspection from 5th June 2017 to 14th July 2017

Contact the Clerk for more information. 01424 830331

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