The Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan was approved by referendum in July 2019 and is now formally part of the planning process for Crowhurst and Rother District Council.

Neighbourhood Plan working Party of the Parish Council was formed in June 2015 to assess the advantages and disadvantages of Crowhurst adopting a Neighbourhood Plan. It was is chaired by Cllr Martin White. The working party met in July 2015 and submitted a final report to the Council on 05th Oct 2015 and the Council approved the production of the Neighbourhood plan.  A new Neighbourhood Planning Group then formed to take the planning process forwards.

The Neighbourhood Planning Group

The Neighbourhood Planning Group is formed of residents and councillors. The group consists of task based groups that will address specific areas of the plan and a Steering Group formed of the leaders of each task group that will formalise decisions and report into the Parish Council. The Parish Council is the  authority responsible for the delivery of the neighbourhood plan and will work in partnership with the NP Steering Group. For more information please visit the NP group web site 

NP Steering Group

Steering Group Terms of Reference

Parish Council Working Party Meeting Minutes June-Oct 2015

Council Working Party Terms of Reference June-Oct 2015

Council Correspondence