Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan

Crowhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan (Reviewed)

Regulation 14, (Pre-submission) Consultation Documents Nov 2023


On this "Current Review" page you will find the documents made available for the Regulation 14 (Pre-submission) consultation of the Reviewed Crowhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan (CNDP). Only reviewed documents are listed. All other documents that form part of the "Made" CNDP can be found under the "The Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan" tab on this website.


The consultation will take place between 13th November 2023 and 12th January 2024. Any comments received in this time may be taken into account when finalising the submission version of the reviewed Crowhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Public consultation events will also take place on:

·        Friday 24th November, 9.00am – 11.30am at St Georges Church (at the coffee shop)

·        Sat 2nd December, 10.00am-1.00pm at the Village Hall (during and after Village Market)

·        Sun 10th December, 12.00noon – 4pm at the Village Hall (during the Warmer Crowhurst session)

Comment forms will be available at the events or fill in online via the link below. Comments can be returned at events, to the Village Hall post box or emailed to us at [email protected].

Comments must contain your contact details and the policy or page and paragraph number.

Thank you very much for your support and engagement during the consultation process.

Crowhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan Review - Comments Form


CNDP (Reviewed) Pre-submission Version

Differences between CNDP Reviewed Nov23 and Final May19


Appendix 1

CNDP Map 3a - Proposed New Local Green Spaces

CNDP Map 6 - Infrastructure Improvements

CNDP Map 8 - Proposals Map


Appendix 2

Crowhurst Design Guide Rev F


Appendix 4

Crowhurst Biodiversity Audit - click the document name or navigate to the  "Your Environment" tab of the Crowhurst Parish Council website

Local Green Spaces Description and Evidence

posted on 12/11/2023